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Car Rental Investment Opportunity

We provide a complete CAR & TRUCK Rental Management service. 

- Free CAR & TRUCK Upgrades
- Monthly Storage paid by Ausby Car Rentals.
- Paid Commission on a monthly basis

We store your unit on our lot, do all the marketing, booking, collect the funds, keep it maintained and detailed, outfitted, prepare it for rental and deliver it to the customer...plus much more.

Do you own a car or truck trailer that is not being used frequently?

Are you trying to get rid of a vehicle that you are upside down on the value.

Do you find yourself paying too much income tax and wish you had more deductions?

Would you like a second income, just a good as the real-estate market and better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we just might be able to help you live your dream. Ausby Car Rentals assists CAR & TRUCK owners by renting their CAR & TRUCKs on a consignment basis. If you would like to take advantage of the booming CAR & TRUCK Rental industry, or your just looking for a unique investment opportunity, check out our FLEET MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

Click here to see our Fleet Management Program FAQ page.

Ausby Car Rentals is working with vehicle owners to establish a long-term relationship for our mutual benefits. When consigning your vehicle with us you can receive the following benefits:

Tax benefits 
Cash flow from your vehicle rentals 
Consistent use to keep vehicle parts in proper working order 
Use of your vehicle at times that are convenient for you

Ausby Car Rentals makes the following guarantees:
We market your CAR & TRUCK 
We handle the rental process from A to Z 
We screen every driver before every rental 
We make sure all required maintenance is properly and timely performed 
We make sure all taxes are paid from the rental activity 
We make sure the vehicle is kept clean and properly maintained 
We make sure you get timely payment of your lease-back earnings

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Rental Management Program, Click here to see our Fleet Management Program FAQ page.

Contact us  or call/text us at (918) 856-3528

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